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October 11, 2009

Back in London for more recording. I hear the roof is complete, new floors are down, decorating is complete, landscaping done and the staircase for the attic room is coming along nicely. The week after next week it goes in, I’ll be there to get under feet and Brian and I will go to choose some trees for the garden. I fancy, 2 figs, a poplar, 2 palm trees, a sweet almond, 2 olive trees and I also want to get 2 new passion fruit vines and some more grape vines. Brian will cut down my ambition to something realistic.

So far the plan has worked. Let’s hope the carpenter can match the roofers, builders and decorators.

Decided to bite the bullet and rip out my London bath and refit it today. Wallowed in bubbling bliss as soon as the mission was accomplished. Lesson to self, if you can do it your self, do it. If you can’t, google the knowhow, then do it.